Possible Side Effects May Include . . .

By Michael Swinarski

Prescription medications are commonplace in many of our lives and serve various purposes, many of which are necessary to a patient’s overall well-being. However, not a few of these drugs are extremely potent chemicals which produce less-than-desirable side effects as they work inside our bodies. Many of us have had personal experience taking a prescription medication, only to be left with the negative side effects. Ironically, these side effects are often treated with more prescriptions!

Shiatsu utilizes Traditional Chinese Medicine as its basis of treatment, which offers several solutions to help the body naturally resolve side effects from prescription medications. Using reflex points to help support the organs and stimulate better respiratory, nervous, and digestive function, shiatsu helps the body better regulate and repair itself. In situations where the medication is playing a regulatory function, regular bodywork like shiatsu can help the body regain normal function, at which time you may want to ask your physician to reassess your prescription needs.

If you are taking multiple prescriptions and experiencing negative side effects, it may be time to try shiatsu to increase your quality of life. Please educate those whom you know who are struggling with side effects caused by medications, and contact us at Body Kneads to schedule a shiatsu session or to purchase a gift certificate so you or someone you love can experience the benefits of shiatsu.

By Michael Swinarski

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