Ears Plugged? Try Ear Candling!

By Holly Merchant

For those who have ever experienced discomfort and frustration because of ear-related issues, ear candling may be the perfect choice. Ear candling can help to solve ringing, itchy ears, sinus conditions, ear infections, and allergies. Ear candling is a natural and safe way to remove wax build up. The candles are made of Egyptian cotton and beeswax, along with essential oils. 

Those who have experienced wax removal by traditional medical methods know how painful water flushing can be!  Instead of forcing water into your ears, we gently insert the tapered end of a special hollowed candle into the ear and light the other end of the candle.  Smoke travels down into the hollow tube where it enters the ear canal, softens the earwax and forms a vacuum, drawing the wax into the tube so we can remove it. Contrary to what one might imagine when thinking of the word “candle,” no wax from the candle ever enters the ear. Ear candling causes no pain, and some clients report that the process is very relaxing. 

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