Two Ways to Calm Your Mind Effectively and Be Present

By Doug Van Heerde

Albert Einstein was quoted as saying, “There are two ways to live your life; one—there are no miracles, the second—everything is a miracle.”

If we expect miracles to be only gigantic, breathtaking events, we miss the thousands of little miracles that happen around us every moment, such as the life-sustaining breath you are taking right now. Another miracle is the constant process of your own body healing itself. Your body is most effective for self-healing when your mind is also in a relaxed state.  We have all heard about taking a deep breath to relax. An even deeper way to calm is to stop what you are doing and draw your complete attention to the surface you are resting on. How do you feel that contact? Open your awareness to the sounds in your environment.  How can you be present with both the surface you are on and the sounds around you?  Finally, bring your attention to your breath. Can you be present with the ground, the sound, and your breath all at once?

A second way to relax is to receive bodywork. I combine a number of different styles of energy work in my massage therapy. I have developed one particular technique that my clients find deeply relaxing. I call it "mind calming." This session allows you to be present with both mind and body in a way that opens you up to appreciate each miracle in each moment. Call before June 30th 2011 to request the special mind-calming session with Doug, and you will receive an extra 15 minutes of mind-calming work, free of charge.

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