Three Ways to Improve Your Muscle Efficiency

Melissa Fagerness, MT

Muscle performance is affected by muscle strength, length, endurance, and recovery. Trigger points, or “knots,” can reduce how well your muscle functions. Trigger points can cause pain or shortening, leading to tension or weakening of the muscle. Affected muscles may fatigue easily or have a delayed recovery time, which may cause injury. Massage can work to release trigger points, allowing the muscle to fully recover, restoring its length, strength, and endurance (Nelson, D. 2011).

There are things you can do at home to help reduce these knots and keep them from forming. First, stay hydrated!  The most important part of muscle health is water. Second, stretch before and after a workout. Stretching will lengthen muscles and reduce the risk of injury. Lastly, try DIY massage. For those hard-to-reach areas, try a self-massage tool. It may not replace your massage therapist, but it is a great option between appointments! 
Call today to schedule your next massage appointment so you can get rid of those troublesome knots.  Your muscles will thank you, leaving you ready to go that extra mile.

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