Feel Better During Pregnancy with Massage

By Melissa Fagerness, MT

    Stress affects all pregnant women. It’s not only the physical stress from her changing body, but also the emotional stress of every day. The baby’s growth causes postural changes, which can lead to muscle and joint pain. The stresses of work can fatigue both the mind and body. Massage can be supportive throughout any pregnancy, bringing ease to frequent discomforts.  
Things to do . . .

  • Put your feet up to reduce swelling.
  • Perform deep breathing exercises to decrease stress and encourage muscle relaxation.
  • Prop a small pillow or towel behind the small of the back to encourage proper posture while sitting.
  • Schedule a massage to decrease swelling, increase body awareness, and decrease pain.

    Massage further helps to decrease tension and stress, allowing “feel good” hormones to release, which can help to reduce pain. Lymphatic techniques encourage nutrient flow and waste elimination throughout the body.  Lymphatic massage also helps to decrease swelling in the lower legs during later stages of pregnancy.  A relaxed and healthy expectant mother supports a healthy environment for her baby.
First, talk it over with your doctor.  Then, call to schedule an appointment.  No matter what stage of pregnancy you are in, massage is supportive, and it has great benefits for both the mother and child.

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